Ilyushin Il-112V airlifter problems gradually resolved

The problems with the creation of Il-112V airlifter for the Russian Defense Ministry are gradually resolved, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said: "We are dealing with Il-112 problems for the past three years. The situation is improving and the aircraft is a good one," he said at Voronezh Aircraft Plant (VASO) that produces the airlifter.

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Ilyushin Il 112V airlifter problems gradually resolved Ilyushin Il-112V in March 2021 (Picture source: UAC)

The plant has to ensure the assigned characteristics during the production of the third aircraft. So far the commitments to the Defense Ministry have not been fulfilled. "It is useless to speak about serial contracts until you confirm the flight and technical characteristics of Il-112," Borisov said. When the plant copes with the task, it will get orders for Il-112V for a long time, he added. It was reported that the new Russian airlifter was too heavy. Borisov said Il-112V can be exported. "It is likely to have export prospects, as the demand for such aircraft is high," he said.

Il-112V lightweight military transport aircraft was designed from scratch in the post-Soviet period to transport and airdrop up to 5 tons of light arms, hardware and troops and carry a broad range of commercial cargoes. It can automatically land at airfields corresponding to ICAO category II. Manual approach is possible to technically unequipped dirt airfields. Il-112 has to replace turboprop An-26 and An-24.

The Russian Defense Ministry and other organizations will order up to 200 Il-112V airlifters, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said at Voronezh Aircraft Plant (VASO) : "The planned total number is 200 aircraft. It is a good load and prospects," he said. Batch production has to begin in 2023. "Il-112V is expected by the troops. The total need in the airlifter comprises 200 aircraft, as the aged Antonov aircraft are decommissioned," Borisov said. The airlifter may be procured by the Russian Guard, the Federal Security Service, and the Emergency Ministry, he added.

The lack of qualified staff at the Voronezh Aircraft Plant is one of the problems hampering the production of the new Ilyushin Il-112V military transport aircraft for the Russian Defense Ministry, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Alexei Gordeyev said.

Earlier, during a working trip to Voronezh, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov visited the Voronezh Aircraft Plant (VASO) that makes part of the United Aircraft Corporation’s transport aviation division within Russia’s Rostec state corporation. While at the Voronezh Aircraft Plant, Borisov examined a flight test station and boarded an Il-96-300 plane. He was also shown workshops where Il-112V and Il-96-400M aircraft are assembled. During the trip, he said that work to manufacture Il-112 has been underway for the past three years.

"The problem is a low level of professionalism. There are plans for a decade to come, as regards the Il-96, the Il-112V. Everything is ready, there is a plan, a task, a roadmap. There is a problem with subcontractors, there are several hundred enterprises, [it is difficult] to organize the entire production", Gordeyev said.

According to the deputy speaker, there are plans to produce two Il-96-300 aircraft annually at the Voronezh Aircraft Plant and the need for Il-112V planes is estimated at 200 aircraft within ten years.

The Il-112V is the first military transport aircraft developed by Russia from scratch in the post-Soviet period. The work has been underway since 2014. It is being developed to replace the Antonov An-26 (NATO reporting name: Curl) and An-24 (Coke) turboprop planes.

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