Brazilian Air Force E-99 aircraft modernization project reaches new milestone

The Modernization Project of the E-99 aircraft concluded, last Friday, July 24 2020, at the Embraer facilities in São José dos Campos, in São Paulo (SP) state, with the painting process of the first unit that will be delivered to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

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Brazilian Air Force E 99 aircraft modernization project reaches new milestone 925 001 E-99M AEW Aircraft (Picture source: FAB/CB Silva Lopes)

The completion of this stage is a milestone for the project and confirms yet another step towards the technological update of the vectors of the Force.

The E-99M project was started in 2012 and is carried out by the Combat Aircraft Program Coordinating Committee (COPAC) with Embraer and international suppliers such as SAAB, AeroElectronica International (AELI) and Rohde & Schwarz. In addition to modernization and updating of mission systems and related subsystems, the project also has technology transfer agreements that will enable technological advances of the Brazilian defense industry.

Brazilian Air Force E 99 aircraft modernization project reaches new milestone 925 002 The first E-99 airborne early warning aircraft upgraded by Embraer for the Brazilian Air Force shown just after going through the paint shop at the company’s facility in Sao Paolo. (Picture source: FAB/CB)

The use of AEW & C aircraft is indispensable in a scenario of aerial operations, given the flexibility of positioning the aircraft together with the ability to detect traffic at low altitude, allowing radar coverage of the areas of interest of the Air Force Command (COMAER), in addition to aircraft control, regardless of the Command and Control structure on the ground.

The modernization of the E-99's airborne sensors will allow the Brazilian Air Force to expand its capability to carry out Flight Control and Alarm missions and Electronic Reconnaissance, among others.