First flight of newest Russian Su-35S

The Russian Defense Ministry’s news channel has shown video (see below) of its Sukhoi Su-35S fighter jet in flight on January 29. According to Zvezda news channel, it was the western military district’s first batch of Su-35S jets, which it received in the fall of 2019. Russia’s Aerospace Forces field more than 60 Su-35S multipurpose fighters.

First flight of newest Russian Su 35S Su-35S during its first flight (Picture source: Russian MoD)

The first flights and the development of air missions of the Su-35S squadron of the Western Military District (ZVO) took place in Karelia. New fighters were received for the aviation group at the end of 2019.

The Su-35 is a highly upgraded 4++-generation super-maneuverable multipurpose fighter jet incorporating fifth-generation technologies. The jet incorporates a reinforced airframe, improved avionics and radar, thrust-vectoring engines, and a reduced frontal radar signature. Its maximum speed is 2,390 km/h (1,490mph), range is 3,600 km (1,940 miles), and combat radius - around 1,600 km (995 miles). The jet is armed with 30 mm GSh-301 internal cannon with 150 rounds and 12 hardpoints capable of carrying rockets, missiles and bombs.

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