Luxembourg Armed Forces Airbus A400M Atlas to be delivered in June 2020

On December 18, the first Airbus A400M Atlas, which will be delivered shortly to Melsbroek (Belgium), entered the paint shop of the manufacturer Airbus in Seville (Spain). The plane, planned for the Luxembourg armed forces, will be operated from the base of 15 Wing Air Transport.

Luxembourg Armed Force Airbus A400M Atlas to be delivered in June 2020 RAF A400M Atlas (Picture source: UK MoD )

The A400M is the new strategic and tactical transport aircraft ordered by 7 European nations. Belgium and Luxembourg have ordered 8 aircraft (7 BEL + 1 LUX) with deliveries planned from mid 2020 to the end of 2023. These 8 aircraft will replace the current fleet of BEL C-130 and will be operated from Melsbroek as a multinational fleet BELUX municipality.

The arrival of the aircraft on Luxembourg and Belgian soil is scheduled for the second half of June 2020. The aircraft, bearing the manufacturing number MSN104, will fly under the registration CT-01.