Russian drones may be fitted with light version of Su-57 communication system

A simplified version of Russia’s combined system of communications, data exchange, navigation and identification (OSNOD), which is now undergoing trials as part of the Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jet, is now being developed for drones, the developer said.

Russian drones may be fitted with light version of Su 57 communication system 2 SU-57 during the flight demonstration at MAKS 2019 (Picture source: Air Recognintion)

"We are now carrying out a wide range of works to adapt the system for various carriers, including unmanned systems," Alexei Ratner, the head of the Polet science and technical center of the Russian Electronics holding (part of Rostec state corporation), told TASS.

He added that the drone modification will be smaller in size.

Ratner earlier said the Su-57 variant, designed specifically for this aircraft, was now undergoing state trials together with the aircraft. It will have enhanced encryption protection and anti-jamming features.

The OSNOD system was created to control various types of aircraft in real time during combat operations. It can be installed on planes and helicopters, ships, ground-based mobile and stationary objects.

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