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TsAGI completes full cycle of Yak-152 static durability trials

Yak-152 training aircraft underwent a whole cycle of static durability trials at the Zhukovsky Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI).

TsAGI completes full cycle of Yak 152 static durability trials Yak-152 in flight (Picture source: Alexey Korshunov)

"Yak-152 successfully sustained all the loads during tests in situ. The designers were informed of the exposed remarks. It helped free the aircraft of weight, speed and overload limitations and the pilots could demonstrate a whole flight program at MAKS-2019," deputy head of TsAGI static and thermal durability department Mikhail Limonin said.

TsAGI tested Yak-152 in 2017-2018. It designed load systems and prepared measuring equipment and automatic loading control. It tested the wing, the cockpit canopy, the fuselage, wing mechanization, chassis supports, engine and pilot seat fixings, vertical and horizontal fins. The trials increased the load to operational and then calculated (maximum) parameters and measured stress and deformation in the construction which confirmed compliance with Russian standards and registered no early failures or dangerous residual deformations.

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