Rostec demonstrates anti-drone Ataka-DBS complex

Roselectronika Holding of Rostec for the first time demonstrated a new anti-drone Ataka-DBS automatic complex. The presentation was held at the Advanced Technology Day of law enforcers, Rostec said.

Rostec demonstrates anti drone Ataka DBS complex Ataka-DBS designed by Almaz detects and identifies a drone as friend or foe without an operator (Picture source: Shutterstock)

Ataka-DBS designed by Almaz detects and identifies a drone as friend or foe without an operator. In case of an unsanctioned flight, the system blocks communications and satellite navigation of the drone. It either loses contact with the remote control, returns to the launch site or lands depending on the programmed algorithm. The reaction time is 0.1 second. Ataka-DBS does not disrupt surrounding communication and navigational equipment.

"The development of unmanned aerial vehicles resulted in unsanctioned use of drones in the world, e.g. for industrial espionage, transportation and release of compact cargoes, and spying. The new system cuts short unsanctioned drone flights in many industries. The modular system ensures a no-fly zone for drones over a strictly defined territory. It does not block you own drones," Rostec Executive Director Oleg Yevtushenko said.

"Ataka-DBS detects and jams control channels in a frequency range of 2 to 6 GHz used by general civilian drones. The more accessible drones become, the bigger is the demand for protection against their unsanctioned penetration. We understand it and keep on working. We are integrating self-educating neuron networks into the complex. A mobile option is being designed," Almaz Deputy CEO for information technologies Roman Khizhnyak said.

Besides an automatic regime, an important advantage is a mountable architecture. Ataka-DBS can engage one jamming cell which operates at a distance of one kilometer and a set of interlinked cells to cover the assigned perimeter

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