Gripen E aircraft in flight by the end of 2019

Four Gripen E are currently being assembled at the Saab plant in Sweden. These are the first series aircraft whose models are not intended for Brazil. These devices were equipped with certain measuring instruments which were then combined with tests and tests of the new Swedish aircraft.

Gripen E aircraft in flight by the end of 2019 Gripen E (Picture source: Saab)

Three prototypes or test beds are already flying. The Gripen 39-7 was a test bed used to demonstrate some technologies to be integrated on the Gripen E. The 39-8, 39-9 and 39-10 devices are real prototypes based on the new platform. The 39-10 will perform its inaugural flight soon. They each ship part of the equipment developed for the Gripen E such as the electronic warfare system, the electro-optical sensor and the AESA radar. They are used to test the Gripen E flight envelope, cockpits and drop tanks and tactical functions.

None have yet been equipped with the new large-format touchscreen system produced by the Brazilian company AEL Sistemas and which will equip the Swedish Gripen E and Brazilian E and F (Sweden has not ordered Gripen two-seater). For now, this system has been integrated into the rear seat of a Gripen D that will be used for flight tests and demonstrations. The first Gripen E equipped with this system will be the first standard aircraft.

As part of the contract with Brazil, Saab will train 350 Brazilian in Sweden. The Swedish group has already inaugurated on site a design office involved in the development of Gripen E and F. The first 13 Brazilian Gripen E / F will be completely produced in Sweden by Saab. The following eight aircraft will also be produced in Sweden but by Brazilian technicians and then the last 15 aircraft will be assembled in Brazil. Some aircraft elements will also be produced in Brazil.