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Australia: Diamond Storm exercise conclusion

Exercise Diamond Storm is one of the Royal Australian Air Force’s practical components of training for students of the Air Warfare Instructor’s Course (AWIC) coordinated by the Air Warfare Centre. AWIC19 integrates warfighting functions across a range of specialisations to develop expert air warfare instructors who will represent the next generation of tactical and integrated warfare experts across the Air Combat spectrum. Diamond Storm 2019 is being conducted from RAAF Bases Darwin and Tindal, in the skies over the “Top End” of the Northern Territory, from 26 April until 29 May 2019.

USA: F-35A and F-15EX might soon fly with Q-58 Valkyrie drones by their side

The US. Air Force is investigating how to control unmanned drone from its latest fighter jets, the F-35A Joint Strike Fighter and the F-15EX. The unmanned fighters would act as wingmen to manned fighters, scanning the skies for aerial threats.

Leonardo BriteCloud decoy flies toward service on RAF Typhoons

Leonardo has been contracted by the UK Ministry of Defence to support a series of trials in which the ‘BriteCloud 55’ Expendable Active Decoy (EAD) is being trialled for operations with the Royal Air Force (RAF)’s fleet of Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft. BriteCloud was cleared for service last year on the RAF’s fleet of Tornado GR4 aircraft and Leonardo has delivered a quantity of the countermeasures to the RAF for operations.

VVO radar experts train to search for adversary aircraft in Arctic zone

Servicemen of a radar unit of the Eastern Military District (VVO) have trained to search for and detect reconnaissance aircraft of the conditional adversary in the Arctic zone, VVO’s press service said.

Russia: Tu-22M3 bomber transfer to Navy looks inappropriate

The modernization of Tu-22M3 bombers and the development of new arms for them, including supersonic Kh-32 antiship missiles and Kinzhal air ballistic missiles, triggered a discussion about the future of the upgraded fleet. Proposals were voiced to return the bombers to the naval aviation from where they were withdrawn in 2011, the Izvestia daily writes.

Sweden, Finland and Norway will host Arctic Challenge Exercise 2019

The Air Forces of Sweden, Finland and Norway will host multinational Arctic Challenge Exercise 2019 (ACE 19) from 22 May to 4 June 2019. More than one hundred aircraft from nine nations will participate in the air power exercise carried out in the airspace over the northern areas of the host countries.

Sierra Nevada Corp awarded contract for a Degraded Visual Environment System for US Air Force HH-60G

Sierra Nevada Corp., Sparks, Nevada, has been awarded a $74,902,132 definitive C-type contract for installation of a Degraded Visual Environment System (DVES), which improves situational awareness to pilots and aircrew operating in DVE conditions by adding new functional capabilities to the HH-60G.

BRAHMOS-A air-launched cruise missile successfully strikes land target

The BRAHMOS-A air-launched cruise missile (ALCM) being developed by the Russian-Indian joint venture BrahMos Aerospace has successfully destroyed a land target for the first time, Director for Marketing of BrahMos Aerospace Praveen Pathak told TASS.

Air taxis for US Air Force autonomous, search and rescue vehicle

The US Air Force wants a drone that can fly out the back of an air transport, land, pick up a soldier, airman, or Marine trapped behind enemy lines, and escape to safer place. The Personnel Recovery/Transport Vehicle would leverage technology being developed to support the emerging air taxi industry to develop a new, autonomous, search and rescue vehicle.

China delivers first overhauled JF 17 fighter jet to Pakistan

China has delivered the first overhauled multi-role JF-17 Thunder fighter jet to Islamabad (Pakistan) as part of a project undertaken by the two countries over a decade ago for the development and manufacture of the aircraft.

Gripen E aircraft in flight by the end of 2019

Four Gripen E are currently being assembled at the Saab plant in Sweden. These are the first series aircraft whose models are not intended for Brazil. These devices were equipped with certain measuring instruments which were then combined with tests and tests of the new Swedish aircraft.

Elbit Systems BrightNite declared operational by an Air Force of a NATO country

Having being declared operational, Elbit Systems delivered BrightNiteTM systems for Puma330 helicopters of an Air Force of a NATO country. Users' feedback has been extremely positive, with pilots emphasizing the contribution of the system to Degraded Visibility Environment (DVE) flights and describing it as a "game changer" and a "breakthrough in pitch dark night flight".

Russian inspectors fly on An-30B surveillance aircraft over Czech Republic

Russian inspectors are making an observation flight over the territory of the Czech Republic onboard of an An-30B surveillance aircraft as part of the International Treaty on Open Skies, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

KPBA of the KRET Concern creates nucleus of piloting devices for helicopter drones

The Design Bureau of Industrial Automatics (KPBA) of the KRET Concern displayed the nucleus of the piloting and navigational complexes for helicopter drones at HeliRussia show, Rostec Corporation said.

Greece receives first modernized P-3B Orion maritime patrol aircraft

The Hellenic Navy has received its first modernized P-3B Orion maritime patrol aircraft from Lockheed Martin, the Greek Defense Ministry said.

India delivers first Mi-24 helicopters to Afghanistan

India delivered the first two of Mi-24 attack helicopters as replacement to the Afghan Air Force to help against insurgency and fight terrorism.

US Air Force fighter pilots get GAU-5A carbine in ejection seat survival kits

The US Air Force is now issuing new survival rifles, the GAU-5/A Aircrew Self Defense Weapon, to at least some units, The Drive reports. It offers more firepower to fighter jet crews in case of ejection above enemy territory.

Russia: Su-25SM fire armor-piercing shells at Kirgizia drills

Su-25SM aircraft of the Russian Kant military base in Kirgizia fired armor-piercing projectiles at a tactical exercise in the mountains of Central Asia, the Central Military District said.

Citadel Defense wins contract with US Air Force for Titan anti-drone system

The US Air Force has notified Citadel Defense of a new counterpart to provide an additional mobile anti-drone system. Citadel Defense announced to have won a new contract with the US government, and more specifically the US Air Force. In this context, the manufacturer will supply its Titan anti-UAV system, capable of creating a protection bubble. This is not the first contract awarded by Citadel Defense to equip US forces and government agencies.

Sikorsky HH-60W Combat Rescue Helicopter achieves first flight

The Sikorsky HH-60W Combat Rescue Helicopter achieved first flight today at Sikorsky's West Palm Beach, Florida site, an important step toward bringing this all-new aircraft to service members to perform critical search and rescue operations. The aircraft, developed by Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company (NYSE: LMT) and based on the proven UH-60M Black Hawk, is customized for the U.S. Air Force 's rescue mission and will ensure the Air Force fulfills its mission to leave no one behind.

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