Malaysia and South Korea add Leonardo AW189s to their fire-fighting helicopter fleets

Leonardo's AW189 helicopters enter service with the Malaysian and Seoul city fire brigades. The twin-engine, medium-lift choppers will also soon be delivered to the Tokyo Fire Department.

Malaysia and South Korea add Leonardo AW189s to their fire fighting helicopter fleets AW 189 (Picture source: Leonardo)

With deliveries all over Asia, the Leonardo AW189 helicopter is having great success for fire missions. The fire department of Malaysia and the fire brigade in Seoul, in fact, are starting operations with their new AW189 and will soon be followed by the Tokyo fire brigade.

Asia is the region with the greatest growth prospects for all of aerospace, defense and security technologies of Leonardo. In the helicopter sector in particular, the demand for helicopters for public utility tasks such as firefighting, search and rescue and civil protection is growing rapidly and Leonardo is successfully responding to these needs thanks to the AW139, AW169 and AW189 models.

In 2018 Leonardo was the first civil helicopter manufacturer in the world in terms of value with a market share of 40%, up 7% compared to the previous year.