Norway: Future acquisitions planned for the Air Sector 2019–2026


The Norwegian Ministry of Defence unveiled its Future acquisitions for the Norwegian Defence Sector 2019–2026. The long term planning process outlines the continuous development of the Norwegian Defence Sector with respect to organisation, infrastructure (garrisons and bases), personnel (numbers, composition and qualifications) and materiel (existing equipment and new acquisitions). This process is carried out under the direction of the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Defence (MoD). The Long Term Plan – Materiel forms the basis for all materiel procurements in the short term (4 years), the medium term (8 years) and the long-term perspectives (20 years).The plan is updated annually to reflect updates based on changing requirements, available resources and progress in on-going acquisitions.


Norway Future acquisitions for the Air Sector 20192026 F-16 (Picture source: Air Recognition)

 The investments within the Air Systems Programme are:

- Continued combat aircraft capability by replacing F-16s with F-35s and F-35 upgrade projects. Replacement and upgrade of air surveillance radars and required contributions to NATO Early Warning and control systems.
- Mid Life Update of C-130J.
- Upgrade of NASAMS including replacement of MSAM-missile.
- New Ground-Based Long Range Air Defence system.
- Life extension of Bell 412.