Ecuador orders Grob G 120TP trainer aircraft

The Ecuadorian Air Force confirmed that it acquires eight aircraft of the Grob G 120 TP model for the training of its pilots.

Ecuador orders Grob G 120TP trainer aircraft 01 G 120TP (Picture source: Grob)

In a brief announcement on its social networks, the FAE informed that it will incorporate eight aircraft of the German manufacturing model Grob G 120TP to its fleet for the training of its new and current pilots from different branches such as transport and combat.

Without confirmation of the estimated date of arrival in the country, the approximate amount of the acquisition, as of the year of manufacture, these aircraft would join the current 10 Canadian Diamond DA-20C1 initial training aircraft that were incorporated in 2012.

The Grob G 120 is a two-seated training and aerobatic low-wing aircraft with a carbon composite airframe, built by Grob Aircraft. It is based on the Grob G 115TA training aircraft and is specially designed for military and civil pilots training. It is also used in some versions as a stunt plane. The aircraft is currently in service for the armed forces of Argentina, Canada, Germany (main operator), France, Israel and Mexico.

The G 120 TP is the turboprop-powered version with a Rolls Royce 250-B17F aircraft engine producing 456 shp (340 kW) for take-off.

Ecuador orders Grob G 120TP trainer aircraft 02 G 120TP (Picture source: Grob)