Mi-26 and Mi-8AMTSh deliver 1000 tons of Arctic cargoes

Mi-26 and Mi-8AMTSh helicopters of the air formation of the Eastern Military District deployed in Khabarovsk region continue combat duty in the Arctic area of responsibility, the district said.

Mi 26 and Mi 8AMTSh deliver 1000 tons of Arctic cargoes Mi-26 in the Arctic (2004) (Picture source: Vladimir Strugatskiy)

"Since the beginning of the year military pilots have delivered over a thousand tons of various cargoes to remote units of the district deployed in Anadyr, Wrangel Island and Schmidt Cape," it said.

The military on duty in the Arctic were rotated.

The flight routes go over major mountain ridges with difficult climatic conditions, low temperatures and strong wind which demand skills and experience of the pilots. They successfully cope with the missions.

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