Ilyushin aircraft ready for Arctic operation

A delegation of Ilyushin Company participated in the Arctic - the Territory of Dialogue forum in St. Petersburg, the company said.

Ilyushin aircraft ready for Arctic operation Il-76MD-90A (Picture source: Vitaly V. Kuzmin)

Il-76MD and Il-76TD airlifters successfully operate in the Arctic and the Antarctic. New-generation  Il-76MD-90A is also ready for operation in a harsh climate. It can use dirt and ice airstrips. The United Aircraft Corporation designed and is launching the production of military and civilian aircraft to renew the fleet of operational Arctic craft," it said.

After-sale services are to be organized at major regional airports to promote effective and unrestricted use of Ilyushin aircraft in the Arctic and adjacent areas. The new light Il-112V  airlifter can operate in low temperatures and harsh climate. It is to become a universal carrier of various cargoes. Civilian option can be designed upon customer request.

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