MAKS 2019: Ziyan showcased Blowfish A3 UAV

In the  Chinese pavillion  of MAKS 2019, Ziyan, a chinese UAV manufactuer, showcased the Blowfish A3. A  mini VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) which military version is under deployment within Emirate forces.

MAKS 2019 Ziyan showcased Blowfish A3 UAV Blowfish A3 (Picture source: Air Recognition)

This 38 kg electric-powered VTOL can be weaponized with 15 kg of armament: mini-rockets or a magazine of 8 vertical tubes to bomb at a minimum altitude of 300 m of the military objectives with 60 mm shells or 81 mm grenades. The Blowfish A3 should also be capable of carrying automatic weapons without modifications, from machine gun to riot control devices.

It requires 3 minutes of preparation before the takeoff, for a range of 90 minutes. Ziyan works on different swarm drones and the Blowfish A3 is able to operate in a swarm at over 80 km.