MAKS 2017: Iran's Defense Industries Organization unveils Sadid guided bomb

MAKS 2017
International Aviation and Space Show
18 - 23 July 2017, Zhukovsky, Russia
MAKS 2017: Iran's Defense Industries Organization unveils Sadid guided bomb
Iran's delegation chose this 13th edition of MAKS airshow, being held from 18-23 July at Zhukovsky airbase, to highlight a wide range of products from helicopters to UAVs and weapons. Among them is the new Sadid guided bomb, showcased by the country's Defense Industries Organization (DIO).

DIO's new Sadid guided bomb at MAKS 2017
The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Force recently unveiled a new production line for this new smart bomb system.

According to Iran's Defense Industries Corporation, the Sadid guided bomb transforms is a smart fragmentation aerial bomb used to destroy different types of moving or stationary targets like grounded aircraft, armored vehicles, buildings, etc.

The Sadid is primarly designed to be fired from UAVs, such as the Iran-made Shahed 129 Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle.

Sadid smart bomb is fitted with a fragmentation warhead featuring a lethal radius of 30 m. According to the DIO, the Sadid can be equipped by IR, laser or visible seekers, providing an accuracy of respectively 2.5 m, 2.5 m and 5 m.

The system has a length of 1630 mm, a diameter of 152 mm, and a weight of 34 kg.

The Defense Industries Organization is a conglomerate of companies run by the Islamic Republic of Iran whose function is to provide the military of Iran with the necessary manufacturing capacity and technical abilities.