ADEX 2017: Lacroix ready to bolster RoKAF aircraft self-protection

ADEX 2017
Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition
17 - 22 October 2017
Seoul Airbase - Republic of Korea
ADEX 2017: Lacroix ready to bolster RoKAF aircraft self-protection
By Nathan Gain

The France-based counter-measures manufacturer Lacroix is more than ever ready to answer any request issued by the Republic of Korea armed forces, such as the long-awaited ACM program, the company said at ADEX 2017 exhibition in Seoul.
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The ACM program was launched in the early 2000s when the South Korean MoD noted that RoKAF platforms were inadequately protected against North Korea most modern missiles, such as MANPADS derived from the Russia-made 9K38 Igla. A RFP was issued with high-level specification reportedly corresponding to what is offered by the European market, as an alternative to dependency on the US Foreign Military Sales program.

The ACM contract was won by a South Korean company in 2011 but was recently frozen when it appears that Poosang failed to deliver new systems within the deadline.

Accordingly, the RoKAF aircraft could fly along the DPRK border without the correct level of protection,” said Lacroix.

Counter-measures protecting the RoKAF fighter jets, for example, were not able to deal with 3rd generation missile seekers, explained Lacroix. The countries’ Board of Audit of Inspections, directly depending on Prime Minister office, subsequently stated that the ACM program completely failed and asked the Defence Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) to launch a survey to study the program viability.

A world’s leader in self-protection pyrotechnic systems for airborne applications, Lacroix is now awaiting the conclusions of the survey and answering a potential relaunch of the ACM program. Should Seoul requires local production, “Lacroix can rely on its South Korean partner, Samyang Chemical,” the French company added.

Backed by recent contracts and research performed with the DGA (French defense procurement agency) and various industrial players in the sector, including Airbus Group, Lacroix offers to provide the RoKAF with the latest generation of MTV/Spectral/Kinematic chaff and flares, such as the LIR-110 and LEM families.