Israeli Company Rafael presents latest innovations of air defense systems at Paris Air Show 2013 2303132

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Paris Air Show Le Bourget 2013
International Aviation & Aerospace defence exhibition

17 - 23 June 2013
Paris, France
Rafael air defense system at Paris Air Show 2013
Israeli Company Rafael presents latest innovations of air defense systems at Paris Air Show 2013.
At Paris Air Show 2013, the Israeli Defense Company Rafael presents its latest innovations of air defense missile systems with the Iron Dome and the Spider family. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd, designs, develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of high-tech defense systems for air, land, sea and space applications. The company has a special relationship with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) , developing products according to the soldiers' specific requirements in the field. Rafael has also formed partnerships with civilian counterparts to develop commercial applications based on its proprietary technology.

Israeli Iron Dome Very Short Range Air Defense System launcher unit at Paris Air Show 2013

Iron Dome Very Short Range Air Defense System

The Iron Dome is the only dual mission system in the world that provides an effective defense solution for countering rockets, artillery & mortars (C-RAM) as well as aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, PGMs. The system is an effective system for countering C-RAM threats with ranges of up to 70 km and for VSHORAD protection (up to 10 km). The system operates in all weather conditions, including low clouds, rain, dust storms or fog.

Iron Dome can handle multiple threats simultaneously and efficiently. The system enables effective and selective handling of critical threats aimed at the defended zone to reduce unnecessary launches. The system uses a unique interceptor with a special warhead that detonates any target in the air within seconds. If the estimated rocket trajectory poses a critical threat, a command is given within seconds and an interceptor is launched against the threat.

The interceptor receives trajectory updates from the BMC via uplink communication. The interceptor approaches the target and uses its radar seeker to acquire the target and guides the interceptor within passing distance. The target warhead is detonated over a neutral area, therefore reducing collateral damage to the protected area.

The Iron Dome system has been selected by the Israeli Defense Ministry as the best system offering the most comprehensive defense solution against a wide range of threats in a relatively short development cycle and at low cost.

Since becoming operational by the Israeli Air Force in April 2011, Iron Dome has successfully intercepted over 500 rockets that have been fired from the Gaza Strip at Southern and Central Israel. Iron Dome system has achieved a very high rate of successful interceptions. In doing so, the system saved lives and prevented serious damages to property.


Israeli Spyder MR Medium-range air defense system at Paris Air Show 2013
Spyder Short and Medium Range Mobile Air Defense Systems

The Spyder short and medium range mobile air defense systems defend large areas against a wide spectrum of threats, such as attack aircraft, helicopters, bombers, cruise missiles, UAVs and stand-off weapons. Both systems provide excellent protection of valuable assets, as well as first-class defense for forces located in the combat area.

The Spyder systems incorporate the most advanced, proven performance air-to-air-missiles: the Python-5 dual waveband imaging infra red (IIR) missile and the Derby active radar beyond visual range (BVR) missile. In the Spyder-MR the missiles are equipped with a booster assembly. The same missiles can also be used for air-to-air missions.

The Spyder-SR’s slant launching provides quick-reaction, Lock On Before Launch (LOBL) and Lock On After Launch (LOAL) capabilities, low level protection, whereas the Spyder MR offers medium range target interception through vertical launch. Both systems enable 360º launch within seconds of the target being declared hostile and provide all-weather, multi-launch, net-centric capabilities.

The Spyder ADS features 360º engagement capability, advanced ECCM capabilities, electro-optic observation payload, wireless data link communication and full missile commonality with the air-to-air missiles.

The Spyder’s design is based on a network-centric approach, offering significant operational flexibility.