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World Defense & Security News - South Korea
South Korea buys a 4th Surion helicopter for law enforcement missions
The South Korean government signed a 21.7 billion won ($19.2 million) deal on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015, to buy its fourth Surion helicopter for police use, to be stationed on Baengnyeong Island in the Yellow Sea, the state procurer said. The rotary aircraft will be an upgrade from existing Surions in service with law enforcement, said Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd. (KAI), the maker of the chopper.
South Korea buys a 4th Surion helicopter for law enforcement missions 640 001KAI KUH-1P "Chamsuri" helicopter
The chopper will enter service in 2017 and comes equipped with weather radar, a traffic collision avoidance system, inertial navigation system, and more rescue equipment such as an external hoist and cameras.

"The extra electronics are needed because the helicopter will be operating near North Korea, which frequently conducts jamming operations," KAI said.

In addition, the chopper, if equipped with ferry tanks, can stay aloft for four hours, compared to three for existing models, and travel 760 kilometers, a 40-percent increase from 530 kilometers in older Surions.

KAI has been supplying the police with Surions since 2013 with two aircraft currently in service. One more will be added late this year.

Militarized versions are in use with the South Korean military and talks are underway to sell the helicopters abroad.

Related to the latest deal, the Public Procurement Service said it will consider a civilian version Surion for use with the country's forestry service, fire department and Jeju Special Self-Governing Province.