First Su-35 delivery to Indonesia postponed to 2019

Russia is to start delivering Su-35 fighter jets to Indonesia no earlier than 2019, a military diplomatic source told TASS. Russian daily newspaper Kommersant said earlier with reference to sources that Russia had to delay the dispatch of the first shipment of Su-35 fighter jets to Indonesia because of the U.S. pressure on Jakarta.

Indonesia expecting first Su 35 fighter jet for ctober 001 A Russian Air Force Su-35 flying at MAKS 2017 air show

According to the newspaper, the first Su-35 aircraft were supposed to have arrived in Indonesia by October but that did not happen.

"Under the terms of the contract the delivery of the first Su-35 fighter jets to Indonesia is to begin from next year. There was no agreement that it was possible to deliver the flying craft to Indonesia in October," the source told TASS.

He added that there were certain problems with the deal because of the U.S. sanctions imposed on Rosoboronexport customers but they were not critical.

The Rosobornexport arms trading company has refused to comment to TASS either on the information the latter had received from the source or the article in Kommersant.

The Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation has not issued any comments either.

The news that Russia and Indonesia had signed a contract for delivering eleven Su-35 aircraft to Indonesia became known early this year. Indonesia is the second country after China to buy Su-35 fighter jets.