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World Defense & Security News - Russia
Russian fighter jets in Syria received new RVV-AE medium-range air-to-air missiles
The aircraft of Russian air group in Syria have received new air-to-air (AA) missiles, according to the state news channel reports, the Russian news agency TASS said on Feb. 5. A video record released by state media captured Russian technicians fitting a new medium-range RVV-AE (NATO reporting name: AA-12 Adder) AA missile to the launching unit of Su-35S (Flanker-E+) fighter. The aircraft was also equipped with R-27ET missile.
Russian fighter jets in Syria received new RVV AE medium range air to air missiles 640 001A RuAF Su-35 fighter aircraft fitted with R-77/RVV-AE air-to-air missiles (white)
Previously, there was no clear evidence of RVV-AE usage by Russian Air Force. The missile dates back to 1994 and its export modification likely was supplied only to foreign customers, namely, India and China. RVV-AEs are supposed to significantly increase the anti-air capabilities of Russian air group in Syria.

The missile has 80 km range of flight within 25-25,000 m diapason of altitudes. RVV-AE incorporates active radar seeker integrated with inertial navigation system (INS). It can hit rotor-wing/fixed-wing aircraft (including jammers), cruise/AA/air-to-surface missiles flying at speed up to 3,600 km/h.

R-27ET missile also has 80 km range of flight within 27-27,000 m diapason of altitudes. The missiles incorporates semi-active radar seeker integrated with INS. R-27ET can hit rotor-wing and fixed-wing aircraft flying at speed up to 3,700 km/h.

Russian Su-35S in Syria are also equipped with L-265M10 Hibiny active jamming stations at the wingtips.
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