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Paris Air Show 2019: Kawasaki C-2 transport aircraft showcased

Kawasaki's C-2 transport aircraft is showcased at Paris Air show 2019, from 17 to 23 June.

Paris Air Show 2019 Kawasaki C 2 transport aircraft showcased2 The Kawasaki C-2 (previously XC-2 and C-X) is a mid-size, twin-turbofan engine, long range, high-speed military transport aircraft (Picture source: Air Recognition)


The Kawasaki C-2 is a long range twin-engine transport aircraft. In comparison with the older C-1 that it replaces, the C-2 can carry payloads up to four times heavier, such as MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missile (SAM) batteries and Mitsubishi H-60 helicopters, and possesses six times the range.

The C-2 is domestically-developed and manufactured, and employs various new aircraft systems, and its deployment by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) began in March 2017. Packed with the most advanced technologies, the C-2 flies faster and achieves greater range than the C-1 and other transport planes owned by the JASDF . With a cargo hold larger than those of the others, it can accommodate heavier loads, thereby fulfilling a wide range of missions, such as international cooperative operations.

The C-2 cargo compartment has the capabilities to carry large cargo and medium size helicopters that other existing tactical transport cannot. The most prominent characteristic of the C-2 is the shape of the fuselage. The cargo compartments has a cylindrical cross-section that minimizes the aircraft size, while ensuring a ceiling height that takes into account vehicle transport and enables personnel to sit on both sides of the 463L pallets.

The wings are placed on the top of the fuselage to prevent the height of the cargo compartment ceiling from dereasing where the wings are attached.

The wing placement ensures the ceilling height at approximateley4m at tyhe wing locations.As such, th C-2 has the highest ceiling of any military transport aircraft of the same class. in addition, the cross section of the fuselage underfloor is a flatterened arc shape that provides the small ground clearance. In terms of the longest cargo that can be loaded onto the C-2, the cargo compartment has sufficent length to load large connected trailer trucks as is.

Paris Air Show 2019 Kawasaki C 2 transport aircraft showcased The cargo door and ramp door open (close) up and down (donwn and up) respectively, thereby enabling large vehicles to be onloaded and offloaded. (Picture source: Air Recognition)