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Paris Air Show 2019: Turkish Aerospace unveils a full-size model of Turkish fighter

A full-scale model of Turkey's first domestically developed combat aircraft was introduced on June 17  during Paris Air Show 2019.

Turkish Aerospace unveils a full size model of Turkish fighter Paris Air Show 2019 925 004

Turkish Aerospace officials recently told FlightGlobal that a first flight of the Turkish Fighter would occur in 2026 (Picture source: Air Recognition)

The one-to-one mock-up of the Turkish Fighter Project, initiated to meet the needs of Turkish Armed Force, which is the prime contractor of Turkish Aerospace, is shown to the public for the first time in Paris.

Regarding the firstshowcase of Turkish Fighter the President and CEO of Turkish Aerospace Prof. Temel Kotil said:

"We moved Turkey's most important project, which we conduct the pride, to the higher point. We will do what few countries worldwide do. For the first time we will exhibit Turkish Fighter in Paris in order to show our capabilities. Thus, Turkey will demonstrate that there is no difference from other countries from the point of view of technological infrastructure. As Turkish Aerospace we aspire to fulfill Turkey’s first achievements in disciplined and concentrated ways. In order to realize the mentioned goals, we will continue to grow our company and to build our army of engineers. I am waiting for all our qualified engineers who say ’’Let be my share as well for my country’’. Turkish Aerospace has opened its doors for you. We look forward to your determination, patience and work”.

Turkey will, after the USA, Russia and China, take its place among the countries in the world that have the infrastructure and technology to produce the fifth-generation fighter jet.

Paris Air Show 2019 Turkish Aerospace unveils full size model of Turkish fighter3

Paris Air Show 2019 Turkish Aerospace unveils full size model of Turkish fighter2

The overall design shows some similarities to the Lockheed Martin's F-35 (Picture source: Air Recognition)