MAKS 2017
International Aviation and Space Show
18 - 23 July 2017, Zhukovsky, Russia
KRET spotlights new Khibiny-M EW system at MAKS 2017
Russia’s Radio-Electronic Technologies Group (KRET) has unveiled an upgraded version of the Khibiny electronic warfare (EW) system, the Khibiny-M, at the MAKS 2017 international airshow. This relatively small system is mounted on the wingtips of the aircraft and makes it almost "invulnerable" to all modern means of defence and enemy fighters.
L-265M10-02 Khibiny-M EW system at MAKS 2017
"We are showing the Khibiny-M system onboard a Sukhoi Su-35 [NATO reporting name: Flanker-E+] plane for the first time here. Just one year ago, the system completed its state trials. We are delivering it to the Russian Armed Forces and foreign countries where it is in great demand," adviser to the KRET first deputy CEO Vladimir Mikheyev said at a press conference during the MAKS 2017 airshow.

The L-265M10-02 Khibiny-M station is used by frontline aircraft for self- and mutual defense. The station jams radioelectronic fire control systems making part of air defense missile, antiaircraft artillery and air-launched missile systems.

According to KRET, the station’s export-oriented version has wingtip modules weighing no more than 410 kilograms and aft-of-cockpit compartment equipment with a weight of no more than 40 kilograms. It takes the system less than five minutes to get ready for operation after the power supply is turned on.
L-265M10-02 Khibiny-M EW system at MAKS 2017
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