LIMA 2017
Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition
21 - 25 March 2017
Langkawi Airport - Malaysia
UAVOS' new UVH-29E drone introduced at LIMA 2017
The US company UAVOS is introducing its new UVH-29E UAV with extended flight time and interference protection at LIMA 2017 exhibition, being held until March 25 at MIEC expo center in Langkawi, Malaysia. The UVH-29E comes with high performance characteristics and is capable of flying at high altitudes in difficult weather conditions.
LIMA International Maritime and Aerospace defense exhibition 2017 80UAVOS' new UVH-29E UAV showcased at LIMA 2017
The unmanned gasoline-powered UVH-29E helicopter features fully automatic take-off, flight along the route and landing on the chassis. It comes with high performance characteristics and is capable of flying at high altitudes in difficult weather conditions. The unmanned helicopter demonstrates a wide range of speeds - from 0 km/h in a hover mode to the maximum speed of 150 km/h.

"This helicopter can steadily take off, carry out a mission and land in fully automatic mode in rain, snow and wind exceeding 14 and more meters per second," comments Vadim Tarasov, UAVOS investor and Board member.

The SURVEYOR-H helicopter system includes the unmanned UVH-29E aircraft and the command module. The maximum take-off mass of the helicopter is 21.6kg, the length of the fuselage is 1.6m, the diameter of the main rotor is 2m. The operational range of the unmanned helicopter is 540km, the maximum static ceiling is 2500m, the flight time is 6 hours with a payload of 1kg at an altitude of 1000m.

The unmanned helicopter system is intended for surveillance, monitoring of vast areas of the Earth, water, ice surface, and anti-drone protection.

Vadim Tarasov, UAVOS investor and Board member, adds, "Industrial design of the UVH-29E drone, extended temperature range and flights in the conditions of jamming on satellite radio navigation signals and the command line channel makes this helicopter efficient in the most extreme conditions."

UAVOS INC, is a Silicon Valley based company offering proprietary unmanned aerial, terrestrial and aquatic vehicles solutions with applications in commercial, industrial and defense markets. The company is specialized in design, development and manufacturing of unmanned vehicles and autopilot systems as well as individual components, including servo drives, pan-tilt platforms, parachute rescue/landing systems and other UAV accessories and components.