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Airshow China 201 6
1 - 6 November 2016
Zhuhai - Jinwan Airport
Airshow China: Russia to begin Il-106 airlifter design phase within three years
The design of the latest heavy lift aircraft Il-106 will begin in 2019-2020, Designer General of Il Company of the United Aircraft Corporation Nikolai Talikov told TASS at Airshow China 2016, which was held last week at Jinwan Airport, Zhuhai.
Airshow Chin Russia to begi 106 airlifter design phase within three years 640 001A preliminary design of the Il-106 heavy lift transport aircraft unveiled by Ilyushin 25 years ago
(Credit: Ilyushin)
"The Il-106 aircraft was supported by the leadership. We are launching its design program in 2019-2020. The rough design exists and has been approved," he said.

The Il-106 belongs to the class of An-124 heavy lifter. "There is a shortage of An-124 airlifters both for military and civilian purposes," Talikov said.

The Il-106 is likely to have PD-14 or PS-90A engines. "The enhanced power engine PD-35 (on the basis of PD-14 gas generator) will appear not earlier than the middle of the 2020s. It will make the Il-106 a two-engine aircraft with considerably increased cost effectiveness," he added.

The Il-106 payload is expected to be 80-100 tons. It will resemble Il-76 military airlifter but its main advantage will be the ability to land on ground tarmacs.